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One-on-one Treatment

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Pool Therapy

Physical therapy where you need it!

Home Visits

➤ Physical therapy in your home
➤ Assessments for fall prevention
➤ Support aging parents to stay at home

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Pool Therapy

➤ Low impact exercises
➤ Relieve stress
➤ Rehab after surgery or an injury

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Clinic Physio

➤ One-on-one sessions
➤ Rehab gym
➤ Help with positive lifestyle changes

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Erna Stassen is founder and director of Erna Stassen Physiotherapist Corp., which operates as Focus on Health Physiotherapy.
The clinical practice is based in Kamloops, B.C. and focuses on improving health and expanding access to physiotherapy.
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Contact Erna

Erna Stassen, Registered Physiotherapist


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Patti Takeuchi, Registered Physiotherapist


We want to help you, or your loved ones, enjoy a healthy, independent lifestyle.


Thank you very much for all of your assistance and knowledge! You are definitely a “Master” in your trade. You especially taught me that “less is more” and to connect with my muscles!


I must admit that I was skeptical about trying physiotherapy in a warm saltwater pool. But having experienced it, I was just amazed at the response my body had to the warm water. I felt a tremendous relief and release of muscular tension and pain. My pain controlled my life. Now after receiving these treatments, I manage my life rather than the pain.


I first met Erna when she was completing an assessment of my elderly mother’s needs. I was so impressed with how she interacted with my mom, explaining and teaching as she progressed, paying particular attention to mom’s age, frailty and hearing impairment. And so, when I needed a physiotherapist for myself, I chose Erna.

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To Book an Appointment, call 250.828.6740 or email us.

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